How can I get my people smart on SharePoint quickly?

We have options to accommodate most training requirements, whether you need instructor-led classroom training, hands-on labs, remote training, or continuous personnel training. We can even create customized training materials for your unique business processes.

Classroom courses are delivered at your location. Your personnel will benefit from a familiar environment, continuous access to the instructor, and hands-on labs. Each class session can accommodate up to 15 students for a fixed price.

Class Name Description Duration
Basic User

If you’re a SharePoint End User who needs training on using, operating, and building sites in SharePoint 2010, you’ve come to the right place! Black Blade’s SharePoint Basic User Course will equip you to be more productive and work more efficiently in SharePoint. This is a 2-day course that focuses on preparing new users to work with SharePoint 2010. After an introduction to SharePoint 2010, you will learn many practical tools, from working with lists and libraries, documents, personal views, discussions, alerts, and searching. For a complete listing of topics discussed, take a look at the syllabus.

2 days


Power User

If you’re a SharePoint End User who needs training on using, operating, and building sites in SharePoint 2010, you’ve come to the right place! Black Blade’s SharePoint Power User Course will equip you to be more productive and work more efficiently in SharePoint. This is a 2-day course that picks up where the Basic User course leaves off. You will learn many practical tools, from site creation and deletion to creating and managing lists and libraries, working with web parts and pages, and managing permissions. For a complete listing of topics discussed, take a look at the syllabus.

2 days


Advanced User

This 1-day focusing on additional skills and configurations unique to the role of the Site Collection Administrator, as only this role can access these functions. This class complements the SharePoint 2010 Power End-User Class in that it completes the discussion of skills and concepts that any Site Collection Administrator must have for successful configuration and management of a SharePoint Site Collection. Because many additional responsibilities are covered in the SharePoint 2010 Power End-User Class, this class completes the training focus for skills at the Site Collection level.

1 day


Class Name Description Duration
Business Intelligence

This 3-day course will help those responsible for leading organizations to better decisions through the use of analytics, visualization, scorecards, and dashboards. Microsoft SharePoint 2010 provides multiple tools and approaches for visual presentation of your organization’s information. The options range from relatively simple Excel pivot table and chart presentations shared with SharePoint Excel services to highly interactive dashboards created with Sharepoint PerformancePoint Services. This course explores the SharePoint BI and Dashboard components that will lead to better business decisions.

3 days


Project Management

Project managers today face common project management challenges such as inefficient communication among stakeholders, poor document management practices and undefined project collaboration standards that can compromise project success.

By leveraging SharePoint 2010, project managers can create a practical and effective project management platform that meets their customized project collaboration needs! This course includes a one-month unlimited subscription to SharePoint 2010 Online Lab, which will also be used hands-on in class during lab sessions.

2 days


Class Name Description Duration
Core Administration

This course is designed for the IT professional who has been tasked with setting up, managing and maintaining Microsoft’s SharePoint Server 2010 platform. During this 5 day instructor led course you will learn how to install SharePoint Server, create and manage Web applications and site collections as well as understand their place and purpose within the SharePoint platform. You will also learn about the new implementation of service applications and gain an understanding of the document management features provided by this newest edition of SharePoint Server.

5 days


Advanced Administration

SharePoint 2010 Advanced Administrator is an advanced 5 day class delivered using our own Advanced Workshop content written and developed by Steve Smith – SharePoint MVP of Combined Knowledge. This five-day, instructor-guided workshop will prepare the experienced SharePoint Administrator for configuring and deploying advanced services, configurations and features through a series of hands-on exercises with limited guidance to build a complex and functional SharePoint infrastructure.

5 days


Search Administration

This three day course prepares IT Professionals to administer enterprise search solutions using Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010 and Microsoft FAST Search Server 2010 for SharePoint. All aspects of administration are covered including search topologies, search sites, content crawling, federation, monitoring, and search reporting.

3 days


Class Name Description Duration

This course is designed for experienced business users, Web designers, administrators, and developers who use and work with SharePoint Server 2010 or SharePoint 2010 Foundation, and want to learn how to customize SharePoint without writing code.

Business Users - Learn how to extend out-of-the box workflows to meet specific business needs, create views of data with conditional formatting to call attention to important information, and how to build sites, lists, content types, and much more in SharePoint Designer 2010 (SPD 2010).

Web Designers - Understand the extent of customizations available using in-browser tools. They also learn the advantages of using SPD 2010 to further enhance SharePoint site customization including creating master pages and multiple-step workflows. They also discover how to leverage their existing design knowledge to achieve the desired look and feel throughout SharePoint sites.

Administrators - Learn how SPD 2010 is used to create and manage permission levels and groups. This course also helps administrators understand the customization capabilities available to users and how to limit those capabilities based on permission levels.

Developers - Will understand the alternatives to working with Visual Studio. They also learn which customizations are achievable using in-browser tools and SPD 2010. In addition, developers learn how to create custom solutions using SPD 2010.

5 days


Core Developer

This 5-day, instructor led course is designed to introduce SharePoint Foundation 2010 platform extensibility to .NET developers. It provokes introductory and intermediate thinking about how programmers can leverage SharePoint to create reusable assets that facilitate a business user’s generation of Web-based, composite applications that they themselves can alter as their business demands. This empowers the business user to self-reliance and self-sufficiency (SharePoint’s prime directive). Declarative and imperative SharePoint Feature Elements are explored yielding enterprise and/or business unit SharePoint application Features. SharePoint developers must understand the gamut of basic SharePoint extensibility and the Visual Studio SharePoint tools used to harness and package that extensibility; this course aims to provide that foundational knowledge.

Consequently, this course has uniquely fashioned content and delivery. It begins with a detailed technical explanation of SharePoint and its capacities, the Visual Studio SharePoint development tools, and the fundamental building blocks of SharePoint extensibility, development, and deployment. Instructor led labs are used to concretize core concepts and demonstrate how technologies are employed to extend the SharePoint platform. Core concepts include the following:

  • Wielding the SharePoint Server/Client Object Model (ClientOM)
  • Commandeering PowerShell Cmdlets to peak, tweak, and repeat
  • Branding within the SharePoint Master Page and THMX (theming) frameworks
  • Componentizing with Web Parts
  • Altering the SharePoint Ribbon
  • Surfacing external data modeled by the Business Connectivity Service (BCS)
  • Responding to business user SharePoint events
  • Scheduling custom Timer Jobs
  • Exploiting Workflows hosted in SharePoint to facilitate unique business processes

5 days


Advanced Developer

This 5-day, instructor led course is designed to provide the experienced SharePoint developer with new and deeper skills that may not have been encountered in their SharePoint development experience. The course begins with the following assumptions:

  • Fluent command of the Visual Studio SharePoint tools
  • Solid experience wielding SharePoint fundamentals like Features and Solution Packages
  • Experience with the technologies covered in the Core Developer course

Intently focused on expanding the SharePoint developer's technological repertoire, this course examines the following technologies:

  • Extending SharePoint administration with custom PowerShell cmdlets
  • Implementing a custom Membership Provider
  • Augmenting claims passed upon authentication to SharePoint
  • Accessing data within SharePoint using REST and LINQ for SharePoint
  • Surfacing external data using custom Business Connectivity Services (BCS) shims
  • Versioning assemblies, Features, and Solutions
  • Targeting mobile devices
  • Expanding data entry options using custom Field Types and Field Controls
  • Implementing custom Workflow and Workflow forms
  • Creating custom organizational containers (Site Definitions) and custom content containers (List Definitions)
  • Uniting SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) and SharePoint

5 days


Web Content Management Developer

This 5-day course is designed to provide SharePoint developers with basic and intermediate information and skills they need to extend, customize, and deploy a Web Content Management Publishing site implementation.

Ideally students have previous development experience with the .NET Framework and ASP.NET. It is helpful, but not required, to have a basic understanding of Microsoft SharePoint Foundation 2010 and Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010.

The primary audience for this course is SharePoint developers who are responsible for the successful implementation of a Web Content Management Publishing site.

5 days


Computer based training is a great way to provide continuous training for your users. Whether you need to provide users with refresher training after their classroom session, provide on-demand training to speed on-boarding new users, or provide supplemental training to users as they enter new job roles, computer-based training offers the fastest training delivery at the lowest price point.

  • Site Visitor
  • Site Member
  • Site Owner
  • Site Administration
  • Site Collection Administration
  • Security and Permissions Management

The curriculum we offer is industry recognized as the best in the world for the SharePoint market.  Site licenses for the curriculum are available for organizations looking to sustain an iterative training plan for their onboarding staff or for refresher training.

We deliver training using top-notch training curriculum from our industry leading training partners...

MindSharp is a global education company that specializes in providing solutions using Microsoft enterprise products through our OnPath™ for SharePoint educational process and consulting services. Mind sharp's nationally recognized experts are committed to providing you with high quality educational opportunities and innovative business solutions. In our capacity as a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner, Mindsharp is dedicated to helping our students and clients increase productivity with secure, scalable collaboration, communication, and messaging solutions.

Equipped with years of industry knowledge and expertise, Mindsharp's team of instructors and consultants provide a robust portfolio of cost-effective educational and consulting services. With our collective knowledge and portfolio of services, Mindsharp has developed a proven track record of helping organizations of all sizes implement powerful business solutions that create a sustainable improvement in individual and organizational performance

Combined Knowledge has been specializing in the development and delivery of SharePoint Training, Education and Adoption since 2001 when the product was first launched and was known as 'Tahoe server'. As our chosen area of specialization, our key aim in developing our business was to not only offer training classes but to provide organizations with a solution for their SharePoint deployment, from the product installation through to development, customization and then ensuring successful user adoption.

We extended our deliverables beyond the our extensive training portfolio of classes to also incorporate our end user adoption solution product and services as we understood that for a SharePoint implementation to be successful, the organizations user community had to understand and adopt the product.

We have been delivering successful SharePoint training and adoption solutions to organizations on a worldwide basis over the last 10 years, and have a catalogue of global organizations and blue chip companies that have gained the knowledge and experience they require of SharePoint through our classes and gone on to successfully roll out the use of SharePoint across their organizations, and enabled them to further support their users over the lifetime of the product.

Many of our trainers are leading experts that speak at Global seminars and User Groups in topics from Technical and Architecture to User Adoption and business process.

Customize with Services

Black Blade can tailor any of our training offerings to meet your organization's unique requirements. Whether you just need a to tweak the training modules a bit, or you need a custom training plan, we have contract vehicles and cleared personnel ready to engage.


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