Development over-budget?

The problem is your methodology, not your developers.

Why did your last project suffer from over budget or under delivery? Chances are it was because the technical folks were steadily and efficiently building the wrong thing using faulty assumptions. Our Lean Solutions Delivery methodology is an agile delivery methodology that focuses on delivering solutions while minimizing the waste that plagues other methodologies. This waste is a primary contributor to so many IT projects failing as the already limited cycles are misused. In the following sections, you will how we can help reduce waste, and thereby help increase value for the Program.

Reduce costs by eliminating wasteful development, not by cutting features

Our Lean Solutions Delivery methodology ensures that not only is the delivery team working in efficient, maintainable sprints, but also that the team is constantly making accurate decisions about which implementation alternatives will yield the best results. Because the Lean Solutions Delivery methodology is an iterative model and measurement is constantly being performed, we gain the ability to conclude development on a particular enhancement earlier than expected if testing reveals that system users accept a feature implementation prior to a targeted completion date. This allows the team to potentially considerable time and cost by not delivering over-engineered solutions when simpler solutions suffice.

Do you tell your mechanic how to fix your car? So why would you ask your users what their system needs to do?

Your users don't have the skills needed to phase requirements in a meaningful way. They only understand some of their pain points. It is your job to figure out what system requirements will ease their pain. Just as any other solutions development model, the Lean Solutions Delivery methodology requires planning. However, the planning is focused on achieving the proper learning units to minimize the waste that plagues other development models. To this end, while the Lean Solutions Delivery methodology executes in the build, measure, learn cycle, the planning is performed in reverse order:

  • Determine what needs to be learned in the current cycle, such as which assumptions need to be validated or disproven
  • Determine what measurements will allow us gain the required knowledge
  • Build the components needed to collect the required measurements

We could have stopped there (and many organizations do), but Black Blade recognized that SharePoint solutions development is different. So we extended our proven Lean Solutions Delivery methodology specifically for SharePoint solutions.

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