Ask them, "What makes you think you can get the job done?"

Before engaging any company to do work for your organization, ask that company, "What makes you think you can get the job done?" It's a fair and simple question to which any prospective vendor should have a clear and concise answer, and proof.

Here is why we know we can get the job done.

As a service provider, Black Blade has worked with a wide variety of clients, from large government organizations to non profits.  Black Blade has consistently delivered creative solutions to the wide variety of client challenges, especially when it comes to making SharePoint work effectively.  Please visit our Customers page to see the customers with whom we have worked.

Great product, not many vendors offer this level of support

-Pat Lombardi, Prime Support

Even when we’re not assisting clients with their SharePoint needs, the employees of Black Blade are committed to enriching the SharePoint community by sharing their expertise in a variety of ways.  Black Blade maintains a blog which covers a variety of topics concerning SharePoint as well as other technology.  Members of Black Blade Associates have authored several black papers covering topics relevant to developing computer ecosystems. Topics include the benefits of virtual documents on the SharePoint platform and a comparison between SOA and Web Services.

Black Blade employees are respected within the community and have been asked to speak on SharePoint as well as other topics.  As recently as the SharePoint Best Practices Conference in Washington D.C. in August 2009, Brad Smith and Eugene Rosenfeld led sessions on using SharePoint.  Download the presentations and join us for future conferences.

Let Black Blade Associates show you what our customers and the SharePoint community already know about our commitment to getting the job done. See which of our service offerings could help your organization today.


Set up a no obligation consultation with a Black Blade subject matter expert to discuss how Black Blade can help your organization get the most out of its technology and human resource investments. Contact us today at / +1-703-260-1111.


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