Isn't there something missing from SharePoint document management?

docBlock Ascend is what your SharePoint document management has been missing. docBlock Ascend virtual documents can help you make the jump from using SharePoint as a web-based network drive to a full-fledged document management system.

Virtual Documents


New Ways to Work 


The technology that makes it all possible

What are virtual documents? More importantly: what new document authoring and collaboration capabilities do virtual documents provide? Granular governance and vastly improved document authoring task management allow for controlled concurrent authoring and repeatable document authoring processes. Learn more...

Build the applications you thought were impossible

Virtual documents make a whole new class of applications possible. From proposal applications that allow controlled, team-based authoring and security to financial reporting applications that allow humans and automated systems to contribute to the same report, here are just a few applications virtual documents make possible. Learn more...

Finally have a system that helps you work the way you want

Virtual document can dramatically improve the ways in which users interact with their documents and with each other. Virtual documents allow content owners to easily implement and manage high-value authoring scenarios such as distributed document authoring, sensitive document authoring, and combined automated and human authoring. Learn more...

Virtual Document Screenshots

Want to see virtual documents in action? Check out the newly released docBlock Ascend virtual document screen shots. Once you see the power of multi-file virtual documents, you'll never want to go back. Learn more...

Advanced Document Management

Automated Application Delivery 

The docBlock extends the SharePoint platform by providing a virtual document service to your farm, allowing you to create a master document in any document library, as well as a hierarchy of document sections that can be updated separately by different individuals. This allows multiple people to edit and maintain the same document at the same time, with no risk of editing conflicts. The docBlock brings virtual documents to your users through seamless integration and intuitive user interaction. The automation and stable managed hardware platform of an appliance decreases your total cost of ownership and increases your SharePoint ROI. The appliance delivery model ensures that you get your virtual document capability deployed within hours and start saving valuable time authoring documents within days.




Concurrent Authoring

Security is always a concern, and so each docBlock document section can be secured separately. For instance, each contributor can see and work on their sections, but only the participants you authorize can see the completed document. The docBlock keeps the master document’s content current when sections change by automatically merging the sections into the master. The docBlock appliance hardware handles all virtual document processing, ensuring there is minimal performance impact on your SharePoint farm.


Download the Enhancing SharePoint Document Management with Virtual Documents black paper (registration required). The black paper discusses several key document management usage scenarios enabled through docBlock Ascend's virtual document enhancements to the SharePoint platform.

Ready to bring the power of docBlock Ascend to your document management experience? Get pricing and a no-obligation quote today.

For more information on the docBlock Ascend, please download the docBlock Ascend product brochure or contact / +1-703-260-1111. See the docBlock Ascend in action by scheduling a live web demo, or attend a public webinar, Tuesdays and Thursdays at 2pm EST.

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