The virtual document enabled proposal builder application allows the entire proposal team to work on the proposal concurrently with the standard Word authoring tools they currently use. Proposal owners can leverage reusable virtual proposal templates and proposal section task management to implement repeatable proposal development processes.



  • Controlled concurrent authoring so the entire team can work on the proposal at the same time using the SharePoint check-in / check-out with which they are already familiar.
  • Integrated task management
    • Each person knows exactly for which part of the proposal the person is responsible
    • Proposal owners have visibility into each person’s task status
    • Use existing tools like Outlook, Excel, Project, or SharePoint web UI to manage tasks
  • Granular security
    • Restrict sensitive parts of a proposal to authorized readers or authors
    • Prevent sub-contractors / vendors from seeing each other’s proprietary information
  • Granular workflow
    • Focus reviews only to changed parts of a proposal
    • Specify reviewers for each part of the proposal, keeping the review session focused and short
  • Granular version history
    • See when individual sections of a proposal have changed as well as the overall proposal version history
    • Easily determine when a particular section was changed and by whom
    • Easily revert one section to a previous version without losing changes in other sections
  • Virtual proposal template gallery
    • Allows proposal team leads to pre-define organizational or departmental proposal templates
    • Define default structure
    • Define styles and formatting
    • Pre-populate templates with content, like case studies, past performance, organizational information, legal terms, etc.

Usage Scenarios


  • All, not vertical-specific

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