Watch SharePoint Conference 2009 video highlights on demand

Do you wish you were at the Microsoft SharePoint Conference 2009? Me too. Watch selected conference video highlights here: http://www.mssharepointconference.com/Pages/videohighlights.aspx   Tom Rizzo, Senior Director for SharePoint, recaps the ne ...[Read More]
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Watch the SharePoint Conference 2009 keynote on demand

Do you wish you were at the Microsoft SharePoint Conference 2009? Me too. But, you can watch the keynote here: http://www.mssharepointconference.com/Pages/default.aspx   The keynote had lots of great content including loads of SharePoint demos su ...[Read More]
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Visual Studio 2010 Beta 2 has new SharePoint 2010 development tools

Download the Visual Studio 2010 beta and check out the SharePoint 2010 walkthroughs and how to’s here: http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/vstudio/dd441784.aspx   Walkthroughs Add Feature Event Receivers Create a Custom Field, Content Type, L ...[Read More]
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Getting paid for your SharePoint software, part 4

Table of contents Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4   <--- You are here This is the fourth part of my series on getting paid for your SharePoint software. If you have not already done so, please read part 1, part 2, and par ...[Read More]
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Impersonation options in SharePoint code

When creating web parts, event receivers, timer jobs and other SharePoint code, I often find that I need to temporarily grant the code more permissions than the current user has. I’ve found that many developers either don’t know what options they ha ...[Read More]
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How to: Add a folder to a SharePoint list using C#

Unlike adding folders to document libraries, adding folders to lists requires a bit more work in order for the folder to appear in the list view. For example, the following code will add a folder to the list, but the folder will be hidden and not sh ...[Read More]
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GetItems List Query Returns no Items

SharePoint’s SPList class contains the GetItems method which is used to query the contents of a SharePoint list. Rather than iterating through all of the list’s items, the GetItems method allows you to specify a collaborative application markup lang ...[Read More]
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SharePoint WebConfigModifications.Add deletes elements from web.config

I was writing a SharePoint feature that had to register a custom HTTP module. Naturally I started looking at the SPWebConfigModification class and soon had some code that looked like it would add my HTTP module to the httpModules element in the Shar ...[Read More]
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How to: Choose between an ASP.Net Web Part and a SharePoint Web Part

A colleague of mine recently asked me if the WebPart he was writing should inherit from the ASP.Net WebPart class or the SharePoint WebPart class. He was a bit confused because he had seen a few articles online that talked about the benefits of inhe ...[Read More]
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How to: Get started with SharePoint on the cheap

I’ve seen a lot of articles about how it costs a lot of money to stand up a SharePoint server. I will show that this is simply not the case. In fact, you can stand up a production SharePoint server for less than $1100 USD, including both hardware an ...[Read More]
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