Presenting "Using SOA to Create SharePoint Applications," at SharePoint Saturday NYC, July 27 

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Eugene Rosenfeld, Black Blade's CTO and MVP will presenting at SharePoint Saturday, New York City, July 27. Eugene will present his session:

Using Services Oriented Architecture to Create SharePoint Applications

Do you need to create a complex application or product for SharePoint, or integrate an existing application with SharePoint? Are you concerned about the long-term effort of maintaining the application code base, or about migrating the application to SharePoint 2013?

This presentation focuses on applying the methodologies and architectural concepts of Services Oriented Architecture (SOA) to the task of creating complex SharePoint applications. We will see how a SOA approach can help us achieve a stable and scalable application or product, decrease support and maintenance costs by decreasing the application's complexity, and reduce the effort required to upgrade the application to the next version of SharePoint.

Attendees will learn about the many challenges involved in creating complex SharePoint applications and how the principals behind SOA can be used to mitigate those challenges.

LEVEL : Advanced
AUDIENCE : Architects / Developers
TOPIC AREAS : Architecture, System Design

Posted by Eugene Rosenfeld on 23-Jul-13
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